The Tammabukku Chronicles: A Quantum Mystical Odyssey

About The Authors:


Embark on a spellbinding journey with “The Tammabukku Chronicles,” the mesmerizing quantum saga crafted by the mother-daughter writing duo, Deborah Kaya.
Deborah Brenner and Kaya Gabsy bring to life a tale transcending time and space, chronicling the past and future Tammabukku and its core initiates, bound by an oath that not even death could shatter.
The series weaves a complex tapestry of themes including reincarnation, time travel, the multiverse, and the boundless power for good within humanity. These elements are interlaced into timeless love stories of not just romantic partners, but also families, friends, and the eternal bonds of a primordial soul tribe. The poignant narrative of Lamagir and Angharat, paralleling Adam and Eve, highlights their mission in a turbulent world, echoing the profound truth that love is the universe’s most potent force.

Deborah Brenner, a former model and dancer, has lived a life rich in diversity, growing up between New York and Los Angeles. Her journey as an editor, writer, and teacher began in junior high school. With a deep passion for the mystical and esoteric, Deborah seeks and expresses truth through her writing. Her upcoming novel “Expecting to Fly” dives into the 1970s and 1980s rock scene, blending love, music, and mythology. Her upcoming projects include a historical novel about the mysterious Tuatha de Danann; a novel set amidst the backdrop of the New York classical music scene in the 1980s; and her autobiography.


Kaya Gabsy, a native of Manhattan, is an ageless spirit of creativity. Homeschooled with New York City as her classroom, Kaya harnessed imagination as her greatest teacher. Her creative endeavors have led to a poetry and story volume in the making, “Flowers of Life – Poetry & Stories,” containing both personal and fiction poems as well as short stories, all of which capture Kaya’s affinity for nature. She considers herself a Gaia Spiritualist who works with plants and herbs and communes with nature spirits of old.
“Through an Open Door,” the quintet’s electrifying final volume, is set to release in Spring 2025, promising to be as timeless and compelling as its predecessors.

Tod Jackson

 Tod Jackson—acclaimed Broadway director, actor, dancer and choreographer—and original inspiration for the quintet

Brooke Halpin 

Brooke Halpin – the quintet’s editor and composer

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