Timeless Keepers

Timeless Keepers propels you further into the quantum layers of The Tammabukku Chronicles, continuing the riveting journey of the former Tammabukku’s core guardians. Echoing the narrative style of Serch Bythol and Inner Magnets, Timeless Keepers takes you on an all-encompassing journey, traversing the present, past, and future – as the protagonists navigate the complexities of their intertwined destinies.
At the forefront remains David Pierson, who finds the all-consuming glare of fame increasingly stifling. Seeking solace, he turns to his twin flame wife, Lia, and their ethereal Georgian abode, Beak’s End, a manor shrouded in mystery and steeped in sacred history. Their life takes a miraculous turn when Lia’s pregnancy reveals a profound reincarnation – their child is Nathaniel Ley, her past-life father and the troubled spirit once intertwined with Beak’s End.

David’s odyssey continues as he oscillates between his present and visits to the Edwardian era to be with Ambrose de Ripariis, his spirit twin and fellow occultist. This bond faces a new challenge as Ambrose is reborn in the present day as Beau Rivière, a child carrying the weight of a complex past.

The narrative reaches a thrilling crescendo, delving into the enduring venomous feud between the Knights and High Priestesses and the Peacock family. The Peacocks, once powerful, now face the erosion of their legacy as they descend further into madness, mirrored by the decline of their once-majestic mansion, Hinterlands. As malevolent spirits intensify their assault on Hinterlands, David and Lia are drawn into the fray by the Peacocks’ veiled pleas for help. In a twist of fate, these eternal adversaries at last recognize their shared enemy, uniting them against the forces committed to their destruction. This unlikely alliance unearths a long-hidden secret, a source of unimaginable power, leading to the shattering of an ancient curse.

Knights and High Priestesses of the Red Dragon

Dive into the mystical world of Knights and High Priestesses of the Red Dragon, the enthralling fourth installment of The Tammabukku Chronicles. This epic narrative weaves a spellbinding tale of destiny, magic, and hidden truths, set against the backdrop of the last years of Roman Britain and the ancient wisdom of the Tammabukku mystery school, believed to have only existed in the realm of myth.

The Knights and High Priestesses of the Red Dragon are a circle of extraordinary souls, each with a story that resonates through time:

  • Vericus: The defiant Roman soldier, fighting not only Rome’s battles, but his own relentless demons and fear of love rooted in a long-buried secret.
  • Talaith: The Druid priestess, embodying a rare blend of tenderness and formidable power, whose heart holds Vericus.
  • Fáelán: The genius orphan, searching for a place to belong in a world often devoid of love.
  • Celyddon: The responsible elder brother of Talaith, grappling with the weight of family duty and untapped capabilities.
  • Delyth: Talaith’s vibrant spirit twin, a voice of resilience and Fáelán’s destined twin flame.
  • Cassia: The gentle rare female Roman rebel, Vericus’ sister, challenging societal norms as a Tammabukku initiate whose great love is Celyddon and when it comes to him, she refuses to betray her heart.

Unravel their collective journeys as they navigate the labyrinth of time and space, piecing together a mosaic of ancient prophecies and hidden legacies. Their experiences delve deep into the core of the creation of Tammabukku, with the same goals as what would eventually become the legendary Camelot. At the heart of Tammabukku is Lamagir and Angharat whose souls, like many of the initiates, originate in the tribe of the Tuatha de Danann.
Knights and High Priestesses of the Red Dragon is an odyssey of unwavering courage, fate, and the indomitable power that our thoughts create our reality. A narrative rich with complex characters and immersive storytelling, it’s an essential read for enthusiasts of historical intrigue, undying love and the timeless battle between light and darkness.







Lamagir and Angharat


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