Serch Bythol

Step into a realm where ancient manors loom in the enigmatic embrace of the forest, and fate intertwines destinies in a complex tapestry. Enter the world of David Pierson, a 16-year-old with a psyche shadowed by haunting nightmares. As the lead singer and keyboardist of the Ontarian garage rock band, Oblivion, his life resonates with the rhythm of enigma and dread, his sleep disturbed by visions of a six-headed dragon and other mysterious specters in a chilling, otherworldly landscape.

The Pierson family’s life is upended when Gerald Pierson, the family patriarch, announces a sudden move, driven by his new appointment at the University of York. They relocate to a quaint stone farmhouse in Yorkshire, neighboring the enigmatic Beak’s End, an abandoned Georgian manor with a sorrowful history dating back to the late 19th century, once part of the same property.

Amidst this spectral backdrop, the story unfurls the tormented existence of Nathaniel Ley. Once a man of warmth and familial love, he now wanders as a restless spirit, his motives as elusive as the dilapidated state of the manor he haunts. At the heart of this saga is Cecilia Ley, Nathaniel’s mysterious daughter. A luminous figure of defiance and passion, her spirit is inextricably linked to David, bound by an eternal love which transcends time and space.

David unravels the startling truth of his past life as Daniel Orlov, Cecilia’s British-Russian beau, and the intricate, profound connection he once shared with Nathaniel. As the narrative weaves through the shadows of their past and present, they remain unaware that enemies lurking in the shadows covet them for reasons that transcend their earthly incarnations. This tale of interwoven lives and startling revelations slowly peels away the layers of a mystery that has been shrouded in darkness for more than a century.

Inner Magnets

Inner Magnets weaves a spellbinding narrative of love, destiny, and the mystical paths of time, stretching across modern Yorkshire, the bustling streets of New York City, the depths of Russia, the elegance of Edwardian England, the turmoil of World War I, and the ancient lands of Roman Britain. This extraordinary tale follows its protagonists as they navigate through parallel universes and the intricate corridors of time.

At its heart is David Pierson, a soul tormented by betrayal and loss. His world is upended following the mysterious disappearance of who he believed was the ghost of his twin flame, leading to a bitter resentment over what he perceives as her deception. Despite his band Oblivion’s meteoric rise to fame, David finds himself grappling with a void that fame and fortune cannot fill. His purchase of Beak’s End, a long-forsaken Georgian manor, marks the beginning of his extraordinary destiny.

David’s journey towards enlightenment is fraught with challenges, including reconciling the two great loves of his life: Lia Bailey, the reincarnation of Cecilia Ley, and the enigmatic occultist Ambrose de Ripariis, whom he regards as his eternal brother. The arrival of Ambrose from 1899 into Beak’s End’s hidden chamber presents David and Lia with a gateway to the multiverse just as they stand on the brink of marriage.

The manor itself harbors a two-century-old secret behind a mirrored portal, a mystery intertwined with the dimensions of time and space. As David and Lia delve into their past lives, they uncover their pivotal existence in Ancient Roman Britain during the time of Tammabukku, central to the ascension of their souls.

One enigmatic question lingers: Why does Beak’s End enshrine a legacy to the Tuatha de Danann? As the answers emerge, David learns that his love for his twin flame and spirit twin can coexist harmoniously, revealing that Lia and Ambrose themselves share a rich, intertwined past.

In the climactic finale, David and Lia find themselves ensnared in 1901 London, pitted against the most sinister reptilian agent of their ancient adversary, Beletum. They are joined by Ambrose, who faces his own rival, the occultist Malachi Cummings, intent on annihilating Ambrose’s legacy. This epic showdown tests their bonds, their strength, and the very fabric of their destinies.

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This book has it all. It keeps you interested the whole time you are reading it. Just the right mix of excitement, love and wow to make you turn the pages.

“Liquid Chocolate for the Brain!”


Although I am a graduate of the prestigious “Great Books” program and have been exposed to a myriad of literary styles, upon reading “Serch Bythol” I was reduced to a single syllable: “WOW”. The book opens beautifully and grasps you in its elegant and nurturing clutches. It is not a book you will want to put down. In terms of language in description, prose, and dialogue, the book does nothing short of excel: alliteration and colorful phrases abound but are never used in excess. “Serch Bythol” is like liquid chocolate for the brain!

All this is not to say that the plot is lacking. Not by a long shot! The story has many twists and turns and is never for a moment predictable. Love reigns supreme in this superlative volume, and it is inclusive without being heavy-handed or obvious.

“A New Old Love Story…!”


A story of love that transcends space and time. Is love eternal? Does the spirit persist after death? An old love story for modern spirituality. You will be taken on a roller coaster ride of magic, mysticism, and musings on the nature of life, love and death through the eyes of contemporary characters with ancient lineage. I await the remaining volumes impatiently!

“Worlds within Worlds”


Deborah has written an amazing book in which she brilliantly co-mingles different centuries with a variety of captivating characters. Time travel with this everlasting love story and discover how the main character’s lives are indefinitely connected. I anxiously wait to read the other books in the series.

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Cecilia Ley

Nathaniel Ley

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