The Final Journey in THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES. In this electrifying fifth volume, our heroes, now back in the present, unravel the profound mysteries of their epochal past. They’ve journeyed across time to the 4th century and now stand on the precipice of destiny, understanding the full scope of their soul’s voyage. As Tammabukku readies to emerge from the shadows, transforming into the luminous beacon it was always fated to be, their ancient adversaries craft a dark, opposing vision. With stakes higher than ever, this epic finale, set for release in Spring 2025, promises a crescendo of unparalleled suspense. The description of this thrilling conclusion to the quintet will be updated later this year.

THROUGH AN OPEN DOOR will be the fifth and final book in THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES quintet.

Upon returning to the present, the keepers of Tammabukku’s legacy comprehend that the time will soon be at hand for Tammabukku to rise from the ashes.

THROUGH AN OPEN DOOR Will be published in Spring 2025. The description of this epic conclusion to the quintet will be updated next year.  

David Pierson

Lia Bailey

Aloysius Ley

Sophia Caswell Ley

Beau Rivière

Zaina Ouariti

Griffin Pierson

Freya Snow


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